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Kisumu is poised to host Afrocities conference sometimes in November 2021, but hosting this international event has come with its share of pain especially to small traders.

The city is going through a major transformation that have seen most businesses disrupted. There have been demolitions of kiosks and illegal structures to pave way for the city beautification . Hawkers have been evicted along the major streets of Kisumu as the repairs of pavements are redone.

Kenya Railways being one of the largest land owners in Kisumu have also evicted most traders from their land to pave way for the operations of Kisumu Port. Some of those traders have been operating in those parcels of land for years.

Kibuye market being one of the biggest markets in East and Central Africa have also been demolished, it’s being rebuilt at a cost of Kshs 500 million. The traders that occupied the market have been relocated to operate from Moi Stadium. The place is not very conducive for their operations especially when it rains.

Uhuru Market being built on a land that was surrendered by Kenya Railways and which is expected to absorb a good number of traders is nearing completion.

The traders are hopeful that they will finally get good spaces to operate from but for now they have to endure the pain.

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